Purchase Order

Ready to prefinish your flooring? We need a purchase order. Click here to download a form, or complete and submit the form below.

This purchase order will assist us in finishing your hardwood flooring to your specs. If you are unsure of any item, please make note of it at the bottom of the form.  

Name *
PO # Don't use POs? Use the date. Your answer
Red Oak, White Oak, Australian Cypress, etc. Your answer
How wide is your flooring
What grade will the final prefinished product be? Select and Better, #1 Common, etc.
What is the total sq/ft of the order?
How many pallets are there to be run?
What is the current status before finishing of micro bevels on your flooring?
Is your flooring over 7" long?
Is your raw (unfinished pallets) Bundled or Flat-Stacked?
Is your raw flooring pallets mixed on a single pallet? Example- Does a single pallet have two widths on it?
Not Sure? Have questions? Make notes here. Your answer
Are you going to use the boxes supplied by Premiere or do you have your company's boxes?
Do you have inserts to go inside your boxes? Installation instructions etc.
Do you require foam between layers of flooring?
For finishing runs more then 2,000 sq/ft no partial boxes will be kept in inventory. For runs less than 2,000 sq/ft
Defecting (Grading) Scale *
As we finish your floors, how should we grade or "call out" certain defects? Grade it as...
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All returns must be approved by either Jeff Beach, Larry Holcomb, or Abigail Linville prior to shipping material back to Premiere Finishing. If it is not a structural or finish claim, there is a $150.00 minimum return fee, or $20/hour labor cost to return material to original listing condition and $2.00/carton to re-box it. After a return is checked in you will receive notice (email) with an update as to the return.

Who is returning the product? Please include your company name and your customers name. *
Who is returning the product? Please include your company name and your customers name.

Pack List Inbound

Here are a couple of ways to send us your inbound pack list.    Simply fill out the form below and submit, or click here for a form you can fax us. Our fax number is 336-342-0450. 

Have your own? That's great but PLEASE make sure it has all the information we require:


Inbound Raw Hardwood Flooring Pack List - To Be Finished

Please fill out this inbound pack list . Fill out one for every item. For example, if your truck has 10 pallets of exactly the same thing, fill this form out one time and add up the number of pallets at the end. If your truck has 5 pallets of the same type of flooring, HOWEVER different size boards then fill out this for each size. Why? Each size will end up with a different SKU in our inventory system.

Name *
Is your inbound wood flooring Brazilian Cherry, Maple, Red Oak etc?
Is your raw inbound wood Rustic, #1 Common, or Select. Your answer
When your raw wood flooring is prefinished will it have a stain color like gunstock? Your answer
What is the length of your pallets? 84 inches? Your answer
Board Width *
What is the face width of your flooring? 3 1/4" as an example.
Board Thickness *
What is the thickness fo your flooring?
Square Edge or Micro-beveled *
Does your product have a bevel on two sides, four sides, or no bevel (square edge)?
How many total sq/ft on EACH pallet. Your answer
If your pallets are over 84" or 7 feet choose yes.
How are your pallets stacked?
How many pallets do you have that match all of the descriptions above? For example, if you have a pallet of a different size width that is NOT the same. Your answer
Your answer

Inbound Inspections

Pre-inspection will ensure your raw hardwood flooring is suitable for prefinishing. This process will measure and check:

  • width and thickness variations
  • average board length
  • various milling defects 
  • over wood 

Any issues or problems will be reported.

Want to check your flooring before you send it?  Click here for the form we will use to inspect your raw flooring. 

Click here to see a completed raw inspection report.

Stacking Request

We request that you stack incoming flooring as closely as possible to the following specifications.  Improper stacking can decrease efficiences by up to 40%.

Flooring on the ideal skid is:

    • stacked face up without internal straps
    • stacked 42” to 45” wide and 37" to 45” high
    • strapped with two or three bands on the outside
    • strapped with runner boards to hold the straps away from the flooring.

Additionally, the top row should be face-down to protect the flooring.

We recognize that some mills cannot stack flooring without bundling and strapping it. In this case we request the following:

    • Place all flooring face up within the bundles.
    • Turn the TOP ROW of bundles upside-down on the skid.
    • Bundle as high as practical rather than four high which is common.
    • Use the minimum amount of straps that will secure the bundles.
    • NO “INTERNAL” METAL STRAPPING OR PACKING! (Outer bands only). Internal metal straps create a fire hazard.
    • No staples or other metal should be used on flooring to be prefinished.

These procedures will bring bundled product close to “flat stacked” for our purposes with minium disruption to most mills. 

It is also crucial that none of the boards are placed tongue to tongue: this causes the boards to climb on each other during the finishing process, which will jam and damage the equipment.

We cannot process flooring blanks less than 12" long as they will damage our line.

Flooring blanks which are bowed, skied, or twisted will result in defective finishing if they can be run at all. Blanks which cannot be run will be cut down whenever possible and counted toward the end matching allocation.

If these specifications present a problem, we will be glad to work with you to find a system that is workable for all parties.

Labels / Part Number

Box labels can be customized to your needs. If you have a part number system, we can incorporate that into the label. If not, we have designed a comprehensive and informative numbering system which can be used. Be sure to include at least the following on your box label. Labels and part numbers on both raw inbound product and finished outbound product are required.


  • Product Description including width, thickness and stain color 
  • SKU or part number 
  • Lot number / Serial number 
  • Sq/Ft per Box 
  • Logo - If you plan on listing your hardwood flooring on Premiere's price list consider leaving the label generic (without a name) for increased sales opportunities.


For example: "True Maple Floors"
For example: "Floors for life"
For example: "Select"
For example: "4 1/4" x 3/4" Solid"
For example: "19.75 sq/ft per box"
For Example: "Made in the USA"
For Example: "PF325RO75CB4LN4H Lot 102336"
If you perfer a certain font (limited) or size please make notes below.





Defecting Scale

A defecting scale is used to help us determine your defecting.  

Click here for defecting key

Click here for defecting scale