A Natural Floor Finish

Monocoat all-natural oil wood floor finishes are plant-based, VOC-free and utterly non-toxic oil finishes of extraordinary durability. Available in clear finish and more than 30 color finishes, all apply evenly in a single coating. All Monocoat finishes are easily maintained, and provide a subtle luster that reveals and complements, rather than covers, the natural grain, and patina of the wood.

A Revolutionary Technology

Monocoat adheres with the first microns of wood by molecular bonding. As a result, Monocoat Natural Oil can cover an average 400 sq. Ft. of floor per liter. Moreover, because of molecular bonding, no surface film can form, and no variable saturation can occur. Not only is a second coat not required, but the finished wood also will not accept the second coat. The same action protects against overlaps and color variance and causes the process to complete in one coat.

Easy to Touch Up

Monocoat Natural Oil finish bonding technology allows local touch up of damaged areas or scratches because only the free wood fibers take the touch-up coating. The finished margins next to the scratched or damaged area do not accept new Monocoat. After 10 minutes, wipe away superfluous oil. There is no overlapping or additional density buildup at the margins.

Free of water and VOC

Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus does not contain water: its components are mainly natural products. Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus doesn’t contain volatile organic components (= VOC free).

Colors and protects through molecular bonding

Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus adheres with the first microns of the wood by molecular bonding (with no film forming nor saturation). It is why the consumption is much lower than with a traditional
wood finishing system.

Durable protection

The molecular bonding creates a durable, long-lasting protection. To obtain this molecular bonding, it is very important to respect this reaction time of a couple of minutes strictly. The better the fibers are bonded, the stronger the protection will be.

No overlaps

Once all free cellulose fibers are molecularly bonded, the surplus product will no longer be accepted by the wood or the bonded Monocoat layer itself. It is why overlaps or starting marks are avoided.

Time-saving: coloring and protecting in one layer

It is pointless to apply a second layer on top of Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus because this extra layer will not bond with the free wood fibers or with the primarily - bonded- Monocoat layer.

Easy to repair

This technology allows local repair of damaged areas or scratches: only the free wood fibers absorb the product. The product next to the scratched or damaged area does not adhere. After the reaction time, all surplus product can be removed without overlaps.

Unique colors

The unique Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus pigmentation technology allows an intense and deep coloring in one single layer, without influencing the natural look and feel of the wood.