WOCA Industrial Coatings

40 years of experience


Over a period of more than 40 years WoodCare Denmark has developed, produced and marketed its range of pre-treatment and extensive variety of industrial oil solutions. The company was one of the first in the industry to introduce oil based finishes to furniture- and flooring manufactures.

Natural protection for wood

All WOCA products are:

1. Eco-friendly products based on natural vegetable oils and soaps

2. Harmless for humans and environment – both during manufacturing and usage

3. Developed with the respect for wood as a natural raw material

4. Produced to meet the VOC regulations as well as building biological standards

A high-quality oil-soap system

WoodCare Denmark’s oil-soap system consists of natural, penetrating and hardening oil that saturates the surface and protects the wood from the inside. The saturation of the pores of the wood ensures a hardwearing, dirt resistant surface without compromising the direct contact to the wood itself.

Range of Colors

An exciting array of colors and special effects can be achieved through WOCA’s pre-treatments and pigmented oils.





Multi Stain

A specially formulated stain designed for pre-treatment of UV- and oxi oiled floors. It is used to achieve a beautiful, even colouring of all wood species and offers a vast number of exciting colour variations. As Multi Stain is applied prior to UV- and oxi oil, the application flow increases due to less changes. It also reduces the required stock of stains, as the stain can be used for multiple surfaces.

✓ For both UV- and Oxi oiled floors, which provides a smooth application flow

✓ Less capital tied up in the customers stock

✓ Ensures an even colouring on all wood species

✓ Offers a countless number of exciting colour options

Reactive Stain

A stain specially formulated to create an aged and rustic look on tannin-rich woods in a fast and simple way. It reacts quickly after the application and provides a vibrant and distinctive colour depending on the type of wood used. The colour is kept intact for a long time, as the stain is very resistant to light. Modern and unique colour solutions can be created by using Reactive Stain in combination with WOCA Colour Oils.

✓ Creates a unique look in combination with the wood

✓ Offers a countless number of exciting colour options

✓ Easy handling in the application process

✓ Quick colour reaction and high colour stability

✓ Can be treated afterwards with WOCA oil or lacquer



No1 Industrial Oil

The performance of oxidizing oils has been taken to the next level with the No1 Industrial Oil. Fast drying time, high performance, ease of use in the production and a smooth, uniform surface are significant features of this best-seller solution. No1 Industrial Oil is perfect for ready oiled solutions, as it offers long lasting, supreme protection for wooden floors, also in commercial areas with very high traffic.

✓ Next level of oxidizing solutions

✓ Ease of use in the production

✓ Creates best-seller solutions

✓ Extreme protection

✓ Easy to maintain with existing WOCA maintenance program

Industrial Oil 2000

WOCA Industrial Oil 2000 is a fast air-drying oil containing 70% solid content. Using this highly penetrating oil ensures extremely durable wood floors as well as an effective and flexible application process as the oil can be applied in several different ways. Compared to other wood floor oils, WOCA Industrial Oil 2000 is very receptive towards coloured pigments, which allows the creation of exceptionally powerful colours. The oil is also ideal for the development of customized colour solutions and combinations.

✓ A fast air-drying oil

✓ Endless choices of custom colours that makes differentiation possible

✓ Can be easily applied in several ways ensuring an effective application process

✓ A well-tested oil that generates durable wood floors

Industrial Hardwax Oil 1505

WOCA Industrial Hardwax Oil 1505 is a wood finish based on natural vegetable oils that exquisitely combines the advantages of oil and wax in one high-quality product. This environmentally friendly fast-drying oil provides any wood floor with a beautiful, durable and smooth factory finished oiled/waxed surface straight from the box. Both time and money are saved, as no additional on-site treatment is required. Floors finished with WOCA Industrial Hardwax Oil 1505 are suitable for high traffic commercial areas as the high chemical resistance and excellent penetration make the floors easy to clean and maintain.

✓ Provides a factory finished oiled surface straight from the box, as no additional on-site treatment is required

✓ Very fast-drying, which allows a greater volume of applications

✓ High chemical resistance for the benefit of the customer

✓ Can be tinted in customized colours

✓ Compatible with all the regular WOCA maintenance products

UV Oil 510

WOCA UV Oil is a VOC free product based on natural vegetable oils that provides the wood with a very natural looking appearance. It is remarkable for its UV-curing technology that causes the oil to harden instantly after being applied, which ensures an extremely high productivity without compromising quality. The combination between this technology and the high solid content of the WOCA UV Oil provides a 100% ready oiled floor that does not require additional on-site maintenance right after installation.

✓ Ensures an extremely fast application flow

✓ Extremely low gloss

✓ Provides an oiled floor ready for use

✓ Based on natural vegetable oils

✓ Compatible with all the regular WOCA cleaning and maintenance products